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Actionable plan to fix bad UX

UXReport is your secret weapon for mastering UX! It's like having your own personal expert who can give you tips on the go, and help you identify less-than-perfect areas of your product.

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Reviewed projects for globally recognized brands

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This set of best practices and guidelines was curated to aid in streamlining my design process. I use them for both freelance and in-house projects to inform and validate my decisions.

Lately, I have discovered that having a comprehensive toolkit can be advantageous not only for providing guidelines to support my design work but also for reviewing existing products, identifying areas for improvement, and optimize the most important business metrics.

Today, UXReport is a crucial component of the toolkit for many designers. It is used to assess the usability of small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprise companies.

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Tsvetelin Nikolov

Creator of UXReport

Customer reviews

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Maria Nikolova

Product designer at Quantive

The template has saved me many hours in design reviews. It is intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend it!

An avatar of a happy customer
Ivaylo Totev

Design manager

I have been using the checklist for a few months now, and it has been a turning point. It is incredibly easy to streamline the design review process.

An avatar of a happy customer
Mahmudul Manik

Product designer @Genea

I recently had a chance to review your UX Audit Kit and, as a product designer, I understand the significance of such a kit. I look forward to seeing more updates from your work.

An avatar of a happy customer
Nikolay Nikolov

Back-end lead 1tn.com

Even as a back-end engineer, I have found this checklist to be valuable. It has helped me better understand design and provide more useful feedback to my team. Although it was referred to me as a design tool, I highly recommend it to everyone.

An avatar of a happy customer
Samar Ali

Maker At LinkMngr

The UX audit template is really helpful and will help me evaluate the UX of products, websites, and services. Keep up the good work!

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Daniel Dungyov

Product designer

As someone who has been in the design industry for years, I can confidently say that the tool is one of the most comprehensive checklist I've ever used. It's easy to use, and the design score formula is great.

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Alice Indjeian

Product designer

The UX report tool is a game-changer for auditing website. It's helped me identify areas for improvement in my client projects that I never would have thought of. Highly recommend!

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Todor Vulchev

Lead designer

I do not have a lot of time to think about usability in details. This Notion template has made the process so much faster and easier for me. It is very easy to go through the checklist and mark best practices.

An avatar of a happy customer
Galena Gencheva

Front-end engineer

The UX audit kit has been extremely useful to me as a front-end engineer. It has improved my understanding of design and made decision-making easier. Thanks for sharing!


What is included in the kit

Save hundreds of hours of research, collecting best practices, or bookmarking articles! Start your redesign by implementing the guidelines that are appropriate for your project immediately

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Notion template
The template consists of categorized sections and a comprehensive checklist (400+), complete with guidelines that can streamline the process of evaluating the usability of your projects
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Design score
A Notion table formula will utilize severity status, impact, and necessary effort to automatically asses and prioritize each discovery.
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Figma presentation
With this template, you can elevate your presentation to stakeholders or clients. Once you've completed the evaluation process, you can use the template to showcase your data
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Other assets
The files contain step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the audit and guidelines for the most commonly performed user tasks, ensuring your process is both clear and concise


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